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Name:Tezuka Dressing Room
Posting Access:Anybody
Welcome to the Tezuka Dressing Room! Here, any version of any character from any of Osamu Tezuka’s works can be test-driven, voice tested, fudged around with, played with elusive castmates, or whatever your heart desires. At TDR we do have a few ground rules, but I promise they aren’t intimidating!

This is not a panfandom dressing room. Please, only bring in characters from a Tezuka fandom. This includes anything from his original publications and more recent remakes or reinventions. i.e., both Astro Boy from the manga and Atom from Urasawa’s Pluto are both valid and very welcome!

Alternate Universe, or AU’s of characters, are allowed! So long as they were originally a Tezuka character, anything you want to do with their backstory or setting or what have you is perfectly fine.

Please keep it PG16! Some fandoms are darker, grittier, and downright not bed time stories to read to your little sister. We get that, but excessive violence, gore, and sex should be taken to a personal journal or musebox instead of being played out here.

As a courtesy, if you think your post may contain triggery materials, please cut it and put up visible warnings. Thank you.

Play nice kids. If you don’t agree with how someone portrays a character, do not start drama here. Talk with the mun directly if you need to, or many characters will have a HMD/”How’s My Driving?” critique post in their journals for your comments.

Any one making comments of derogatory, sexist, homophobic/transphobic, racist, or of an otherwise rude and uncalled for nature will be banned. Hate will not be tolerated within this community.

Ships/pairings of any nature are welcome so long as they adhere to the afore mentioned rules and the Dreamwidth ToS! As such, please exercise your scroll button when encountering ships that aren’t your cup of tea. <3

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


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